About Us

Welcome to Framesi., Home of the select, worlds’ finest imported “Gourmet” foods.

At Framesi, we specialize in the importation and wholesale distribution of select natural gourmet Olive Oil, world-class aromatic clean robust spices, super fine, freshly roasted TURKISH SELECT COFFEE, Mediterranean select food brands, specialty and non-specialty food products.

We are committed in providing our customers with top quality gourmet food products and services. At Framesi we import high quality, all natural gourmet foods from, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Spain, India, Italy and Mexico.

Our success is a result of the high level of confidence our clients have in the quality “select” products we import, as well as their satisfaction with our first class customer care that is second to none.

Contact us today and experience the Framesi distinction. Importing the finest quality products and customer care difference!

Please contact us (by telephone or email) for guidance and to discuss your specific needs. Send us your requirements for quote on product and shipping details.


“Extra” is the highest grade for olive oil–the best you can buy. The virgin oil may be called “extra” if it has less than 1% free oleic acid, and if it exhibits superior taste, color and aroma. Thus, the “extra” in extra virgin olive oil means “premium,” or simply, “the best, Framesi Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.